Oversight Property - 5 km from Mill

The Oversight property is in the Cook Mountain Mining District which produced over a million ounces of gold from four mines (Overlook, Lamefoot, Key East and Key West). Oversight is located along an existing haul road which is 5 km from the operating Kettle River Mill and is adjacent to the Overlook Mine.

The Overlook Mine reportedly contained an estimated 425,000 ounces of gold at an average grade of 5.5 g/t. During the early 1990's, Echo Bay mined approximately 280,000 ounces from Overlook deposit.

In 2014, Adamera drill tested a magnetic target on the Oversight property and intersected a massive magnetite/ sulfide zone similar to the zone mined at Overlook. Based on 9 shallow drill holes Adamera has proven the property to be gold bearing with samples ranging from 0.1 to 2.5 g/t Au. The work has also determined Oversight to be part of a very significant gold bearing system that has hosted 4 gold mines. Our geological interpretation indicates that mineralization occurs along multiple horizons, of which only the upper most horizon have been tested at Oversight.

The Conceptual Model

Based on the Oversight dataset, the rocks in the Oversight-Overlook area have undergone large-scale folding. The shallow mineralization intersected at Oversight by Adamera represents an upper fold limb, while the Overlook Mine mineralization represents a lower (overturned, flat-lying) fold limb. The lower Overlook Mine fold limb extends on to the Oversight property, underlying the Oversight fold limb drilled by Adamera this past summer. (figure 1)

Adamera Minerals - Oversight Project